Unveil the cultural, historical, archaelological, and social layers of Greece & Turkey and it's people.


We are able to offer different training programs in accordance with the requests of the participants in different in regions in different seasons.


We organize guided or self guided bike tours from island to island in Greece and through the mountaineous landscapes of ancient Anatolia.


We organize detailed meetings and conferences with all inclusive quality with affordable prices. You can combine your meetings with our extraordinary incentive activites to make it unforgettable for all members of our corporation.

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We are inviting you to a life changing experience, a journey through the ages in Turkey.


This fertile bridge became the haven for many civilizations. It is justly said that Turkey has more and better preserved Hellenistic and Roman sites than Greece and Italy.

Eon Tours is dedicated to providing quality biblical tours and hiring biblically oriented guides. We organize tours to the biblical sites using several standard itineraries.

Bike and sail along the best preserved natural areas and most scenic routes of the Turkish Aegean coast.

We are able to offer different training programs in accordance with the requests of the participants in different regions in different seasons.

Join our festival and experience 5 magnificent maps and world famous Turkish hospitality. Accommodate at 5 Star hotels with comfort and worry free services. Both race and explore the culture, sunshine, Mediterranean and turn your active holiday into an unforgettable memory in 2016.


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Unveil the cultural, historical, archeological, and social layers of this amazing country and people. Discover some of the Ancient Wonders of the World from Catalhoyuk- the first urban center of the world, Hattusa- the capital city of Hittites, Troy-the legendary city of Iliad, Ephesus-the jewel city of Aegean, Ani-the proud city of Armenians, and Constantinople-the imperial city along the Bosporu...


Traveling by Land and Sea: A sailing odyssey unveils the glories of Turkey’s ancient cultures and unspoiled natural beauty along the Turkish Riviera where the Aegean and the Mediterranean confluence. A fully crewed wooden gulet, the boat of traditional design, is the perfect way to explore the 400 mile winding Carian and Lycian coast, the most beautiful and clearest waters of the world becau...


Turkey is a crucial corner of the stage on which the history of Western Civilization has been played. The peoples who have lived here and those who have passed across Turkey have been part of the social matrix of which first Judaism and then Christianity developed. The people in the Bible who left their records of their activities in Turkey span the ages form Noah to Paul. In Turkey early Christia...


ANTALYA, our home town Enjoying the sunshine for 300 days a year, Antalya is a port city along the Mediterranean Coastline of Turkey. The average day time temperature is between 10 and 24 degrees Celsius from November to May.There are lots of cheap and direct flights from European cities to Antalya International Airport all around the year.We plan and organize weekly or longer training camps in t...


We have high quality maps all around Antalya.We are able to offer different training programs in accordance with therequests of the participants in different regions in different seasons....


BIKING IN TURKEY: Turkey is a popular destination for cyclists. Bike tours in Turkey are a good opportunity to ride among the ruins of ancient civilizations, nomads’ migration paths, and other routes that have been exclusively selected for our EON Tours’ programs. Our bicycle tours take you along a diverse combination of both land and sea. Discover hidden beauty through Turkey’s ...


“Treasure Hunt” for Incentive Groups Participants have to find the hidden control points with the help of a compass and map in the TREASURE HUNT. They might do it individually or as a team member. After the event we choose the best participant and the best team and they win the prize of the game. It is an outdoor activity in the nature with lots of challenge, team building, and fun. T...


EON Tours: Journey Through The Ages The passion to explore and move beyond the familiar and daily is as old as human history. It is what urged St. Augustine of Hippo to write, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page.” With travel, our minds become more interested and interesting, our hearts more loving, and our spirits more joyous. Not only the fascina...